F310II - water-03Global POS printer manufacturer BIXOLON America, Inc. has just released their new SRP-F310II with several industry-leading features, making it the fastest and one of the most durable POS receipt printers on the market.

“It is the only waterproof POS receipt printer available in the U.S. that has a full 4 year warranty for the printer, TPH and auto cutter,” explains BIXOLON Senior Vice President, David Roberts. “The SRP-F310II was designed to withstand the most arduous and hectic environments, especially within the hospitality industry.” Roberts adds, “It’s also the industry’s first waterproof and dustproof POS receipt printer with an IP12 class rating and is the fastest POS printer available with a printing speed of 350 mm/sec.”

Other enhanced features for the SRP-F310II include: a triple interface including Ethernet and USB on-board, a built-in power supply for space saving, and optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mPOS options. Users will also appreciate the printer’s high reliability of 250 km TPH with an auto cutter guaranteed to up to 3 million cuts.

BIXOLON continues to set new standards in reliability and innovation with its leading technology and customer-designed products.

BIXOLON is a leading global manufacturer of dependable innovative and advanced printing technologies that include POS, Auto ID and Mobile receipt and label printers for a range of environments. BIXOLON views its printing technology as an essential tool for any business and holds itself to the highest standards since dedication to customers is its core belief. BIXOLON’s fast, flexible and friendly approach to business has much to do with its recent success.