Providing a high media roll capacity for large-volume printing with less roll changes

May 11, 2021 – BIXOLON America Inc., a leading global Mobile, Label, and POS Printer manufacturer, launches the latest addition, the SRP-S320 to its SRP-S300 3-inch linerless printer series. Built to last for permanent linerless label printing, ideal for use with electronic scales in retail environments, the new printer offers an additional high media roll capacity of up to 120 mm outside diameter.

Featuring an enhanced silicone-coated platen roller with embossed surface to ensure smooth printing and enhance abrasion, making it ideal for strong levels of adhesion linerless printing. Enabling uninterrupted operation thanks to its Anti-jamming features; special paper path design and an automatic guillotine cutting system. The SRP-320 also incorporates an optional Taken Sensor™ that stops printing until the current label has been removed from the printer.

The SRP-S320 produces linerless labels at a fast print speed of up to 150 mm/sec. Its partitions and sensors provide a choice of four different media widths including 40 / 58 / 62 / 80 mm, without the need to change settings through utility or dip switch. The Thermal printer comes with standard USB V2.0 and Ethernet connectivity as well as optional Serial, WLAN and Bluetooth interface.

In common with its family model, the SRP-S320 also offers a specialized back-feeding function to minimize the top margin of the label and saves overall media expenses for users. Its voice error message and alarm functions inform users with audio and visual indications. A built-in power supply saves counter space and protects the printer against water damage. An easy to replace Auto Cutter is included.

“As the economic and environmental benefits of the original SRP-S300 has been well received within the market, we are optimistic for the SRP-S320 with a larger media roll diameter capacity,” says Paul Kim, General Manager of BIXOLON America.  “The new linerless printer will support potential growth across industries while broadening its range of applications.”

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BIXOLON is a leading global manufacturer of innovative, advanced printing technologies including point-of-sale receipt, label, Auto ID and mobile printers for a wide range of environments. Millions of BIXOLON printers are used today in retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking, ticketing, post/parcel, warehousing and other transaction-intensive industries. In 2020, for the seventh consecutive year BIXOLON was named global mobile receipt printer market leader by Japanese research company Chunichisha.