TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA (January 3, 2023) – BIXOLON America Inc., a subsidiary of BIXOLON Co. Ltd, a leading global Mobile, Label and POS printer manufacturer today announced the launch of the NEW SOHO Series, 4-inch shipping label printer for small office/home office (SOHO) businesses.

The XF3-40 thermal label printer is the first addition to BIXOLON’s SOHO Series, available exclusively on Amazon USA. It features a sophisticated design that is simple and minimalistic to work in a variety of environments allowing anyone to print a verified label effortlessly.

Best suited for home office environments, the SOHO Series is user friendly and full of features to help with a variety of labeling needs such as e-commerce printing. The easy-to-follow initial setup from BIXOLON’s website, allows you quickly setup the printer and always be ready to print on demand. A variety of labels are supported for widths ranging from 0.98 inch to 4.57 inch (25 mm~116 mm) including fanfold labels, roll labels, DIY labels, FBA labels, address labels, reminder tags, etc. An optional label holder for fand-fold and roll type labels is also available to hold the stack of labels for ease of use. Using BIXOLON’s free-of-charge custom label design program, Label Artist™ for Windows, you can easily customize your own label.

The SOHO Series supports USB connectivity, print speeds up to 152 mm/sec with a high-resolution of 203 dpi and can identify errors automatically such as faulty labels, then continue printing on the next label without pausing. The Auto-Loading feature allows the printer to automatically rewind the first sheet, eliminating the paper loading process and due to the side-open design allows the printer to not take up much counter space. Additionally, it is EMC Class B certified for minimized electromagnetic waves ensuring safety and multi-platform compatible with major shipping and e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Ebay, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon, Etsy and other support systems.

“The introduction of our SOHO Series shipping label printer provides a great printing solution for small office/home office businesses,” stated Paul Kim, President, BIXOLON America. “We are excited to exclusively offer the SOHO Series directly to individuals through our Amazon store where customers can purchase a label printer to keep up with the demands of their business.”

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The SOHO Series is available to order exclusively from Amazon USA. BIXOLON provides a 2-year limited support (1-year for print head).