I am using SRP-350plus and the printing speed is too slow. How can I increase it?
1. The printing speed of SRP-350plus is 200mm/sec.
2. If the printing speed is slow, you can adjust the printing speed only when you use Serial communication.
3. You can adjust the printing speed of the printer by changing serial communication settings using Dip S/W.
4. DIP switch settings of SRP-350plus are as follows.
5. After changing the DIP S/W settings, you should make the same change for the baud rate in the Driver Port Properties to print normally.
6. The basic printing speed of STP-131 is 75mm/sec, which is relatively slower than other models. If you want a faster printing speed, you will need to purchase a different model.
* Printing speed of SRP-350: 150mm/sec, Printing speed of SRP-350plus: 200mm/sec,
Printing speed of SRP-370: 200mm/sec