– Using mobile device and SPP-R200
1. Turn off the power to all devices – PDA, PC (Bluetooth dongle), printer, etc.
2. Execute the Bluetooth connection program from PDA or PC.
3. Search the peripheral devices to connect – search the printer.
4. Register the searched printer (SPP-R200). – Enter PIN code to register if the security setting is enabled.
(PIN code = pass key: Password required to Bluetooth device, Default: 0000)
5. Test the connection. – Check the fixed COM port or the COM port determined during the connection, and print the test page.

– Using general PC
1. Check the type of communication cable. (Serial or USB)
2. Connect one end of the communication cable to the communication port at the side of the printer and the other end to the communication port of PC
3. Connect the power cord to the printer.
4. Turn on the printer and check whether power is supplied correctly.
5. If you want to use the Windows driver, download and install the driver.
6. When the driver installation is completed, run the Test Print to check the printer.
7. Printer installation is complete if the test page is printed correctly.