Printer Cleaning

If the interior of the printer is dusty, print quality can decline.
In such a case, follow the instructions below to clean the printer.

• Make sure to turn the printer power off prior to cleaning.
• As the print head gets very hot during printing, if intending to clean the print head, turn
the printer power off and wait approximately 10 minute before commencement.
• When cleaning the print head, take care not to touch the heated portion of the print head.
→ The print head is susceptible to damage from static electricity, etc.
• Take care not to allow the print head to become scratched and/or damaged in any way.


1) Open the paper cover and remove any paper that may be present.
2) Wipe the print head with a cleaning pen.
3) Use a cloth moistened with an alcohol solution to clean the paper sensor are and
remove any paper remnants and/or dust.
4) Insert paper into the printer 1~2 minutes after completing the cleaning process and
close the printer cover.