Printing quality might be degraded by dust, foreign substance, adhesive substance, or
other pollution materials stuck in the printer head or inside the printer.

When dirty, clean the print head as follows:

– Make sure to turn the printer power off prior to cleaning.
– As the print head gets very hot during printing, if intending to clean the print head, turn
the printer power off and wait approximately 2~3 minute before commencement.
– When cleaning the print head, take care not to touch the heated portion of the print
→ Printer Head is susceptible to damage from static electricity, etc.
– Take care not to allow the print head to become scratched and/or damaged in any way.

Cleaning Head
1) Open the Paper Cover and then use the cleaning pen to clean the head in the direction
from the center of the head to the edges.
2) After cleaning the head, do not use the printer until the alcohol used for cleaning
evaporates completely (1~2 min) and the printer has completely dried.

※ Perform the cleaning process each time the paper roll is replaced to prevent print
quality deterioration.