PING Check

Checking IP collision
– When entering IP address manually without using DHCP, you must check whether the corresponding IP address is used by other equipment. The printer may not work normally when there is a collision in the IP address.
– When the printer is turned off, carry out the Ping Test to the printer IP.
– Turn off the printer.
– Select “Run” from the Windows Start menu, and then enter “cmd”.
– Enter “ARP –d” and delete ARP table.
– Enter “ping {printer IP}”.
– ARP –d, ping {IP address}


When you see “Request timed out.” as shown below, it means that there is no collision.

The corresponding IP can be used.

On the other hand, if there is a reply as shown below, then the corresponding IP is used by another network terminal and it cannot be used for the printer IP.


Check Cable

When using Ethernet
– In order to check whether the problem is due to the LAN cable, connect the cable connected to the printer to other terminals or the PC to confirm whether its operation is normal.

When using WLAN
– It is recommended to use the USB extended cable provided by BIXOLON.
Connect the USB extended cable and WLAN dongle to other terminals or the PC and confirm whether recognition operation is normal. Check whether WLAN USB adaptor uses the Ralink RT73 chipset. WLAN USB adaptors that use chipsets other than RT73 of Ralink won‟t work when it is connected to Printer.