Q. I received an error message “XXX file cannot be found” while installing universal driver.
A. The problem is due to a conflict with the existing driver. Remove all existing drivers and install the driver again manually.

Q. If IUSB port while installing the universal driver, the printer icon disappears from “Printers and Faxes”.
A. When using USB port, the printer icon shows up when you finish the driver installation by clicking the [Next] button in “New Hardware Wizard”.

Q. I cannot print if I install the driver through network.
A. You should not install the driver through network. Install the drivers on both computers with and without the printer, and set the printer port of the computer that is not connected to the printer to “\\Name of computer with local printer \Name of shared printer”.
Example) Name of the computer that the printer is attached to: “Office”, Name of shared printer: “SRP770II” (No Korean letters are allowed for both names.)
-> Port name: \\Office\SRP770II

Q. I changed the paper size but the actual printing size does not change.
A. When you change the paper size, you should change the setting from “Printer Properties” -> “Basic Printer Settings” -> “Advanced”.

Q. Test printing works well, but the printer does not work with the application software.
A. Driver is installed correctly if the test printing works well. Therefore, contact the application software company.

Q. I cannot install the driver if I connect SRP-770 with USB.
A. USB installation does not work properly with the firmware version V1.09 or lower. Update the firmware.

Q. I want to control the printer directly.
A. Download the Universal Driver from the homepage and find the examples codes written in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C#, Visual Basic.Net in the Sample folder. You can make programs based on these examples.