I downloaded Windows driver and tried to install it, but I keep getting error code 126. How do I solve this problem?

Error code 126 is a Windows error. In this case you should install the driver manually.

1. Download the following file.

2. When downloading is complete, move the “Printers and Faxes” and click “Add Printer”.

3. When Printer Add Wizard starts, click the [Next] button.

4. Select the local printer option as shown below.

5. Click the [Next] button and the following page will pop up.

6. Select the “Have Disk” option and enter the file name “xxx.inf” downloaded in step 1.

7. The following page will appear. Click the [Next] button to continue the installation.

8. You can start using the printer when the installation is complete.

9. If you want to install and use the Windows driver in the normal way, reconfigure the OS of the PC or replace the PC.