I want to make a program that can print from the web, how can I do it?

There are two ways of printing from the web as described below.

1. Using Windows driver

1-1. Call the Driver Print window for programming using Windows driver from the web. (Refer to the following picture.)

1-2. The method is the same as OA printer.

1-3. Use the function of each script language to call this Print window. clip_image020







2. When Windows driver is not used (Direct communication)

2-1. You should make a separate DLL file if you do not use Windows driver.

2-2. Download the Windows driver, decompress the file, and find the sample source codes.

2-3. There is an example of making the Dll file using VB in C# sample codes.

2-4. Make the functions required to make Dll file and call them from the web.

2-5. BIXOLON does not provide example source codes for using the functions from the web.