How can I share one printer between two computers?
The following description is based on the assumption that users use the BIXOLON’s driver. Refer to the following picture for the connection method.
img1 (3)
1.Install the Windows driver on PC 1 by referring to the instructions in Installing Window driver.
2. Set the Windows driver installed on PC1 and enable Sharing of the driver.
clip_image004 (2)
3. Add the printer in PC 2 as shown below. Click the “Add Printer” in “Printer and Faxes” menu of the Control Panel.
4. Follow the instructions shown below to add the printer. If the driver is already installed when you add the printer,the corresponding BIXOLON printer and click the [Next] button.
5. When the installation is complete, you can use the printer as if it is connected to your computer.
6. However, the printer can be used only when PC1 is on.
7. Printer sharing is the same as general office printers. If you want to use network sharing without using this method of printer sharing, you should purchase the Ethernet card separately.
8. Another way of sharing the printer is using network printing using Ethernet Card, but STP-131 does not support network printing with Ethernet Card.