I have the following problems during installation of the universal driver

Q. I received an error message “XXX file cannot be found” while installing universal driver. A. The problem is due to a conflict with the existing driver. Remove all [...]

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Selft Test

Self Test 1. You can check the various settings of the printer by running the self test. 2. The procedure of running the self test is as follows. 2-1. [...]

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Printing density is low

Printing is faint. If the printing is faint, check the following. 1. Check printing surface of TPH. (When the overall printing is faint or only one side is faint.) [...]

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Dip S/W

Dip Switch 1. Printer speed and various additional functions can be configured with the DIP switches. 2. You can check the settings of the DIP switches if you open [...]

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Printer does not work

Checklist when thermal printer does not work 1. Check the following when paper feeding works normally but printing does not work. 1. Run the Self test. 2. If the [...]

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Firmware Firmware generally refers to a micro program contained in a device’s ROM to control the hardware layer. It can be considered as software in a sense that it [...]

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Windows driver and usage

Question What is Windows driver and why do I have to install it? How do I use it? Answer 1. Windows driver You can consider Windows driver as a [...]

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Removing drivers that cannot be uninstalled in the normal way

Problem If the Windows driver is installed incorrectly or if you want to upgrade to the latest driver version, you should uninstall the existing Windows driver first. Sometimes Windows [...]

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Setting paper size

How to set the paper size 1. Move to “Printer Properties”. 2. You can set the paper size in the Paper Size field as shown in the picture. 3. [...]

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POS(Point Of Sales)

What is POS (Point Of Sales)? POS is a system combining the functions of a cash register and a computer terminal, and the system collects various information and data [...]

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