Interface cables (Serial, Parallel, USB)

Types and features of communication cables Serial interface Parallel interface Maximum communication speed and distance of each communication standard Maximum distance Maximum speed RS232 15m (50ft) 0.92Mbps (921,600bps) IEEE1284 [...]

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Cutter (automatic cutting) settings

I want to use auto-cutting function. If auto-cutting function does not work using Windows driver, set the system as follows. 1. Move to “Printers and Faxes” in the Control [...]

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Removing registry

Question I received an error when I tried to install the driver again. Is there any way to delete the registry values? Answer * Caution: Incorrect registry setting could [...]

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Printer Category

BIXOLON products family Refer to BIXOLON web site. www.bixolon.co.kr  www.bixolon.com   -> Connect to web site -> Products -> Models

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Adjusting printing speed (Serial) and DIP S/W settings

Question I am using SLP-D220 printer. The printing speed is too slow, how can I make it faster? Answer 1. The printing speed of SLP-D220 is 5 ips (152mm/s). [...]

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Contact to Service Center for repairing service

Service Center BIXOLON maintains service centers for the convenience of customers. Check the address of the service centers shown below, or register your question in the Q&A section of [...]

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Where to buy printer peripherals?

Please contact one of our distribtors in a world. If you are not sure the contact distributor, please mail below address. sales@bixolon.com

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When Windows driver is not used

Question I am not using Windows driver. How should I connect the printer? Answer Connect the system as follows if you use POS system or Logistics system without using [...]

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Uninstalling Windows driver

Uninstalling Windows driver 1. The Windows driver should be removed when the latest Windows driver is to be installed again or the existing driver is duplicated or installed incorrectly. [...]

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Downloading Windows driver

Downloading Windows Driver 1. Connect to BIXOLON home page. (http://www.bixolon.co.kr) 2. Select the Download menu. 3. Select the type of printer and printer model name. 4. Download the Windows [...]

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