What is POS (Point Of Sales)?
POS is a system combining the functions of a cash register and a computer terminal, and the system collects various information and data required for retail management and also it keeps the sales account accurate. POS system comprises of POS terminal, store controller, and host computer, and the bar code reader, automatic product recognition device is attached to the system. That is, bar codes are printed or attached to the packages of the products, and the information of the products is automatically entered to the main computer when they are scanned. POS system provides the information about sales trends and time zone of the new products and promotion products, products of sluggish sales, and the sales trend for similar products or competitive products in detail so that the correlation between price and volume, main target customers, advertisement plan and marketing strategy can be analyzed or established efficiently. And also the system enables cost production by simplifying and standardizing the inventory, procurement, and distribution system which required lots of hands without POS system.