The device is not turned on. How can I solve the problem?
Check the following if you cannot turn on the power.
1. Check the Power LED of the printer. (Green light should be on.)
2. Check whether the power switch of the printer is in ON position.
3. Check whether the Power Cord is connected correctly.
4. Check whether green light on the power adapter is on.
4-1. If the green light is not on, unplug the power cord, wait for five seconds, and plug it in again.
4-2. If you still have the problem, check the electricity at wall outlet.
4-3. Try another power adapter if available.
5. If the green light on the adapter and the Power Switch of the printer is on and the problem does not disappear, there might be a problem in the printer.
6. If the green light on the power adaptor is not on or it blinks, then the power adapter could be out of order. Contact the service center for replacement or purchase.
7. You can check the information of the service centers from the sales representatives you purchased the product from or the support page of BIXOLON homepage.