Printing is faint.
If the printing is faint, check the following.
1. Check printing surface of TPH. (When the overall printing is faint or only one side is faint.)
1-1. Foreign substance on TPH could make the printing faint.
1-2. Check and clean the printing surface with Cleaning Pen.
1-3. If the printing quality does not change after cleaning, check the following.
2. Check the paper. (When the overall printing is faint.)
2-1. Printing quality very much depends on the quality of the paper.
2-2. Check the printing quality using highly sensitive paper.
3. Adjusting printing density
3-1. Printing density of SPP-R300 can be controlled by the integrated utility program that comes with the product.
3-2. If you make the printing density too high, it could reduce the lifespan of TPH.
4. When one side is faint or white lines are produced
4-1. Clean the printing surface as described in step 1 above.
4-2. If one side is extremely faint or white lines are produced, contact the service center as the problem could be mechanical deformation or troubles in TPH or main board.