How can I improve the printing speed?


There are a few factors that slow down the printing speed. Check the following.

1. Serial communication

1-1. If you use serial communication, check the baud rate.

1-2. Run the Self test of the printer to check the configured baud rate.

1-3. If the baud rate is low, change the Dip S/W settings to increase the speed.

1-4. When you change the Dip S/W Setting of the printer, the Baud rate of the application software and Windows driver should be set to the same value

as that of the printer. -> The printing data will be corrupted if the baud rates do not match.

1-5. If the printing speed is slow after increasing the baud rate, check the following.

2. Software

2-1. The printer has built-in fonts.

2-2. Application software can send commands to the printer to print with the built-in fonts.

2-3. Using the Windows fonts instead of built-in fonts makes the printing slow as the image of the font has to be transferred for printing.

2-4. If you cannot check the settings in the application software, contact the software company (POS program developers) to check the

abovementioned items.

3. Initially the printing speed was fast, but it is getting slower

3-1. Sometimes the printing speed becomes slower over time although the printing speed at initial setting was fast.

3-2. Check the application software in this case.

3-3. The printer prints out what it receives from the PC or POS system, so printer itself cannot become slower over time

3-4. The following factors may slow down the printing speed 1) Changes in settings 2) Larger data size 3) Changes in printing method.

3-4-1. Check the settings to see whether any of the settings have been changed.

3-4-2. Check the application software to see whether the printing method has been changed.

3-4-3. The size of data (DB) was not big at initial setting stage of the software and the search speed was fast, but the search speed becomes slower

as the data size grows. In this case, the printer is not the cause and you should check with the software company as it takes more time for

the PC to process the data.

* The difference between printing using built-in fonts and image printing is more than double.