If the Windows driver is installed incorrectly or if you want to upgrade to the latest driver version, you should uninstall the existing Windows driver first. Sometimes Windows driver cannot be uninstalled properly due to PC or other issues. In this case, follow the instructions described below.

1. Refer to Uninstalling Windows driver for the uninstallation instructions.
2. If you cannot uninstall the driver by following the abovementioned instructions, check the following.
2-1. Remove everything related to the driver causing the issues as shown below.


2-2. After deleting them all, right-click on the empty space and“Properties”.


As shown in the picture,the drivers to remove and click the [Remove] button to remove them.
2-3. The uninstallation process is complete when the selected drivers are removed.
2-4. Download the driver you want to install and install it.
2-5. If you still have an error after following this procedure, you should remove the registry values as described in Removing registry.
* You should take extreme care in removing values in the registry as a wrong registry setting could cause a fatal error to the operating system.