I want to use this printer in the kitchen, how do I set the bell? The bell keeps ringing, how can I stop it?
1. Internal bell (Internal bell can be set to ON/OFF with DIP switch setting.)
2. External bell (External bell setting is the same as Cash Drawer setting.)
2-1. Connect the external bell to the cash drawer port. (Location of the cash drawer: refer to the following picture)
2-2. You should purchase the external bell separately, and be sure to check thePin connection of the external bell when you purchase it.
2-3. When you connect the external bell, check the Open Cash Drawer of the additional command in Printer Driver Properties tab.
2-4. If the program sends the command directly to the printer without using the Windows driver, you should send the cash drawer open
command to the printer.
2-5. If you are using a POS system without using the Windows driver, check the settings of the program for external bell operation.
* You should contact POS system developer, not the printer company with questions on POS system settings..
* Refer to thecommand manual for details on the cash drawer open command.
* The use of external bell is the same as cash drawer