Type of BIXOLON Mobile Software
1) Windows CE Driver
– Similar function to PC-based Windows printer driver
– The driver supports printing from Microsoft Word, and users do not have to develop software separately to support printing.
– Paper setting function
a. Predetermined paper size setting function
b. Custom paper size setting function
– Copy Printing: This print repetition function is to print multiple copies of the same contents with one print command.
– StartDoc and EndDoc for each page: Users can register their own commands to execute before and after printing with this function (Example: NIV image print command, Barcode print command, etc.)
– Communication setting function: Users can register or clean the ports supported by the device with this function.
– Test print: This function is to check whether the printer is working correctly after setting the printer or driver.

2) Software Development Kit
– SDK is provided as DLL(Dynamic Link Library) type modules, and users can develop the programs with SDK.
– SDK provides the function to print the device fonts.
– SDK provides the function to print the one and two dimensional bar codes.
– SDK provides the function to read MSR data.
– SDK provides the function to check the printer status.
– SDK provides the function to print image.
– SDK provides sample code for software development : eVC, C#.Net, Basic.Net, VC6.

3) Utility
– VMSM(Virtual Memory Switch Manager) : To check the default settings of the printer by changing the printer memory switch.
– NV Image Tool: To store the image determined by the user to the flash memory and print that image.
– Firmware Download Utility: To update the printer firmware.