What type of printer is the SRP-270?
SRP-270 is an impact dot matrix printer with stable and fast operation of 4.6 LPS, and it is a new concept impact receipt printer as the paper width can be adjusted for the convenience of users.
-Other features –
* Various standard interfaces
This printer supports Serial, Parallel, USB, and Ethernet communication. Select the right interface for given system and user environment.
* Printing coupons/logo
Print images can be stored in the printer such as coupons or company logo.

* Kitchen printer
This printer can be used as a kitchen printer as it has an internal bell and can be wall-mounted.
* Easy to Control
Cutting, Feeding, printing data will be saved automatically to calcurate the time of printer parts’ replacement.
* Easy to update
Via Unified utility including Firmware, Logo, Font downloader, easy to update as “Store maker”.
* 3 Types of printer option
Manual Cutter Type, Auto Cutter Type, Auto Cutter + Spooler Type