As summer kicks off and heats up, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a hot topic and a cornerstone in modern business operations. BIXOLON is at the forefront of RFID innovation, providing a comprehensive range of RFID label printers that revolutionize how businesses manage their assets and operations.

What is RFID? 

RFID utilizes a small chip to store vital product details, serial numbers, or other identifiers, enabling automated identification, tracking, and management of items or assets. Compared to a barcode, RFID labels can be scanned and located remotely allowing for automatic tracking without having to immediately see the item or its label reducing labor costs and minimizing errors. This wireless technology is crucial for inventory management, supply chain tracking, asset monitoring, and access control in various industries.

BIXOLON’s Cutting-Edge RFID Solutions

BIXOLON’s growing lineup of RFID label printers leverages UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID print and encoding technology, offering unparalleled versatility of media handling and sustainability for high-volume applications. Whether you need mobile, desktop, or industrial printing formats, BIXOLON’s RFID printers deliver premium features to enhance business efficiency.

  • XT5-40NR: Part of the industrial class lineup, the XT5-40NR supports UHF RFID printing and encoding. With RFID auto-calibration, accurate tag encoding is easy making it a seamless addition to your labeling process.
  • XD5-40tR: Designed for ease of use and maintenance, this desktop label printer provides high-quality prints at 203 or 300 dpi. The XD5-40tR, with UHF RFID printing, can handle small labels with its minimum encoding inlay pitch and reduces media waste saving costs for businesses. 
  • XM7-40R: Equipped with advanced UHF RFID encoding and printing features, this mobile label printer enhances productivity on-the-go making it an ideal solution for retail or warehouse environments.

Why Choose BIXOLON?

  • Versatility: RFID label printers cover mobile, desktop, and industrial formats, catering to diverse business needs.
  • Efficiency: RFID auto-calibration ensures precise tag encoding, minimizing errors and waste.
  • Reliability: BIXOLON’s RFID label printers are built to withstand demanding environments, ensuring continuous performance.

BIXOLON’s innovative RFID solutions empower businesses to embrace the rising heat of automated identification and tracking in supply chains around the world. With our advanced technology and commitment to excellence, we help businesses achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and visibility in their operations.

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