Allowing restaurants to quickly and easily print on-demand, linerless labels for carry-out and delivery orders, the Order Right Label solution from Migration POS paired with BIXOLON’s SRP-S300 helps your staff increase order efficiency, accuracy, and throughput. Contact us today for more information.

Order Right Label App

The Order Right Label app allows staff to organize and customize orders right at their finger tips

  • Type in a customer name or press a button to ADD Onions or Press NO Cheese
  • Helps staff organize orders making sure that everything that should be in the order is there
  • Creates a positive experience as customers no longer have to “look under the bun” to see if this one has mayo

BIXOLON SRP-S300 Linerless Label Printer

Receipt and linerless label desktop printing solution

  • Allows concise, accurate linerless printing over five different print widths for both re-stick and permanent linerless label media
  • Taken Sensor™ a peel off sensor which allows a queuing system for labels so the next label will only be printed once the current label has been removed reducing labelling mistakes
  • The printer of choice for hospitality brands globally


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