A super compact, linerless printing solution, the SRP-S200 is the world’s first 2-inch linerless printer with print speeds of up to 150mm/sec to create 203dpi printing resolution on re-stick media. The SRP-S200 also features a specialized back-feed function alongside a paper saving mode to create a cost effective labelling solution.


The SRP-S200 is the world’s first 2-inch (58mm) direct thermal linerless label printer for re-stick media. A super compact printing solution, the SRP-S200 prints at speeds of up to 150mm/sec to create 203dpi text, logos and barcode graphics on 2 widths (40 / 58mm) of media, making it ideal for compact, kitchen environments.

Featuring an IP23 water-resistant design, internal power supply and built-in B-Melodist, plus the option for toolless maintenance of the Thermal Print Head (TPH), Platen Roller and Auto Cutter.


– Built for 2-inch Restick media
– 2 media widths supported: 40 / 58 mm
– Fast print speed of up to 150 mm/sec at 203dpi
– USB V2.0 FS + Ethernet + Serial interface
– BIXOLON Profile Manager – XPM™, XCM™ (Windows, Android)
– Compact 2-inch printing solution for limited workspaces
– Easy toolless replacement of TPH, Platen Roller and Auto Cutter
– IP23 rating and built-in SMPS delivers water resistant operation
– Optional alarm notifications to support busy kitchen environments
– Paper saving mode and back-feed function (offering up to 40% media saved)
– Special paper path design and an automatic guillotine cutting system
– Taken Sensor™ : Label will not continue to print until current label is removed to prevent jamming