It appears that the Windows update (KB5004945) has caused problems and stopped numerous printers from working. The only way to temporarily solve the issue and use the printers, is to roll back to the previous version of Windows and pause all the updates until Microsoft announces that the issues have been successfully fixed.
The problems occur only when printers are connected to the PC via USB. Thus, if the update is necessary, please choose other connectivity options apart from USB.


You can uninstall the update following the below guide:
  • Click Windows key + I to open Settings
  • Select Update & Security
  • Select View update history and click Uninstall Updates
  • The system will open the list of updates in the Control Panel applet.
  • Look for the KB5004945 and select Uninstall
  • Reboot the system and see if the issue is solved


** If the problem still occurs after the above update is uninstalled, please additionally find KB5003690, KB5003637, KB5003537, plus other updates starting with ‘KB500‘ and uninstall them all.


Please follow the below to postpone updates:
  • Open Settings and navigate to Update & Security
  • Select Windows Update and click on the Advanced options link
  • Under the Choose when updates are installed area, you will see drop-down menus
  • Choose the latest date (in 35days) to defer the security and/or quality updates


For more information or assistance please contact our technical support team.

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