Marketing & Promotional Support

Marketing & Promotional Support

  • Marketing Support via MDF Request
  • BIXOLON Unite partners will have the ability to request MDF to support mutually beneficial sales activities. Qualifying activities are listed below, but not limited to. MDF request must be made directly with your channel manager and approved prior to commitment.
    • Events (customer, industry, regional), Stock Photos, Advertising, Sponsorship, Campaigns, Newsletter, Marketing Collateral
  • Special Demo Gear Pricing
    • BIXOLON Unite partners will receive 65% off list for up to 6 printers per year for demo purposes. These units shall remain demo units for project or trade show placement by the VAR.
Sales Support

Sales Support

  • Unique Price Concessions
    • Dependent on the size of the project and its competitive environment, unique price concessions can be discussed and granted to the Partner on a case-by-case basis. Non BIXOLON Unite Partners will not have access to this pricing strategy.
  • Joint Sales calls
    • BIXOLON Unite partners have access and can request on-site support from sales and engineering to assist in closing an opportunity. When we show up together, we win together!
  • BIXOLON Authorized Reseller Logo
    • The use of BIXOLON’s ‘Unite Partner’ logo is limited to approved partners only.
Customer & Technical Support

Customer & Technical Support

  • Personalized Support
    • Continuous BIXOLON sales, technical training and updates to its exclusive program partners. BIXOLON’s Sales and Technical teams can provide comprehensive partner support and advice for project product selection.
  • Exclusive Technical Assistance
    • BIXOLON Unite Partners will enjoy priority technical assistance, including direct email access to the BIXOLON Technical team.
Revenue Growth Opportunities

Revenue Growth Opportunities

  • Profit by reselling and implementing industry-leading BIXOLON solutions
  • Add more value and variation to your solutions portfolio
  • Leads
    • All leads received by BIXOLON directly and through events are carefully evaluated and re-directed to the best-fit regional BIXOLON Unite Partner.


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