Checklist when the printer does not work with normal paper
Check the following when paper feeding works normally but printing does not work.
1. Run the Self test.
2. If the printing is normal in Self test, check the following.
2-1. Application programs or Windows driver may not be installed properly.
2-1. Contact the application software company to resolve the problems. (POS system developers)
2-1. You should install the Windows driver again following the instructions in Reinstalling Windows driver.
3. Check the following if the printing does not work.
3-1. Check whether the printer head pins are worn out. Printer head pins might be bent by being caught by the ribbon in case of using low-quality ribbon or abnormal use conditions. The printer may not work if the pins are severely damaged.


3-2. Head pins might be damaged by over-voltage or over-current (grounding fault of the system).


3-2. Check whether the paper is installed correctly.
4. If the printer still does not work after checking proper paper installation, main board repair or printer head replacement might be required.