Checklist when thermal printer does not work

Check the following when paper feeding works normally but printing does not work.

1. Run the Self test.

2. If the printing is normal in Self test, check the following.

2-1. Application programs or Windows driver may not be installed properly.

2-1. Contact the application software companies to resolve the problems. (POS system developers)

2-1. You should install the Windows driver again by following the instructions in Reinstalling Windows driver.

3. Check the following if printing does not work.

3-1. Check whether the installed paper is thermal paper. Thermal paper must be used for thermal printer. The printable surface shown in section 3-2 inthis page changes color when you apply heat by a match or lighter.

3-2. Check whether the paper is installed correctly. The printable surface should face TPH. Check the instructions in section 5 and 6 on this page.
4. If the printer still does not work after checking proper paper installation, TPH or the main board should be repaired. Contact 080-218-8080.

5. How to install the paper for STP-131
6. How to install the paper for SRP-350