Network Printing Using BIXOLON Label Printer

1. Definition of terms
A. Server: PC that is physically connected to SLP-T400 printer
B. Client: PC connected to server through the network
C. Computer name: Name of computers on the network
D. Name of shared printer: Name of printer installed in the server for sharing
2. Install the drivers to both server and client.
A. Server: Select the port to the corresponding physical interface (serial, parallel, or USB), and install the driver.
B. Client: Select the parallel port (LPT1) and install the driver.
* Refer to the Driver Manual for detailed instructions for installation.
3. Server settings
A. Identify the name of the server.
i. When there is “My Computer” on the Desktop


* Select “My Computer”, right-click on it, and“Properties”
ii. When “My Computer” is in the Start menu


* Click the Start button,“My Computer” and“Properties”
iii. Check the name in “Full computer name” filed in “Computer Name” tab.


* Korean letters are not allowed for computer names. You should change the name to English if it is in Korean.
B. Select “Printers and Faxes” in the “Control Panel”.


C. Select the installed printer, right-click on it, and“Share”.


D. Click the “Share” tab,“Share this printer”, set the “Share Name” to “SRP770II”, and click the [OK] button.


4. Setting client
A. Select “Printers and Faxes” in the “Control Panel”.


B. Select the installed printer, right-click on it, and“Properties”.


C. Select “Port”tab, and click “AddPort” button.


D. Select “LocalPort” and click “NewPort” button.


E. Enter “\\Name of server computer \Name of shared printer” in the port name field.


F. Select “General” tab and click the “Print Test Page” button to check whether the printer connected to the server works correctly.