I am sharing one printer between two computers using the features of Printer sharing. However, settings values are not applied correctly.
Sometimes setting values are not applied correctly if one printer is shared between two computers with different operating systems. Follow the instructions described below in this case. This example uses the case for one machine with Windows Vista and another machine with Windows XP, and the printer is connected to the machine with Vista.
1. You can consider printer sharing as a feature of using the printer driver installed in the other machine where the printer is attached to without installing a separate printer driver in the local machine.
2. In this case, there might be issues of incorrect cutting or printing if the operating systems of the two machines are different.
3. In this case, install the printer driver in the local machine that is not connected to the printer and set the printer port to that of the PC which the printer is attached to.
4. Install the driver to both computers.
5. In the PC that is not connected to the printer, move to the Properties windows of the corresponding driver, and add a new port. (Refer to the following picture.)
6. As shown in the picture above, enter “\\Name of computer connected to printer \Name of driver” in the port name field, and click the [OK] button.
7. Both computers should be on the same network.
8. If the port cannot be added, check whether the printer can be found on the network.
9. When you follow the above procedure, both printer drivers installed in each machine are used and the setting values of each PC are applied to the printer.